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Updated on July 26, 2021

At adoao, we respect that you know, correct, restrict and delete your personal data, and provide these rights to every customer in the world.

If you choose to exercise these privacy rights, you have the right not to be treated differently by Adoao.

Even if you exercise these rights, you can still get the same level of service quality from us.

Adoao will not sell your data.

Adoao collects your information

  1. Communication information: including contact information such as company, name, phone number, E-mail, address, position, social software ID name, etc.

  2. Payment information: This will be used to facilitate payment. Generally, there are only relevant payment accounts, not including password-related security and privacy. (We will not ask you for your password!)

  3. Customized information: For the customized information of some unique products, we respect the principle of trade secrets and will not disclose this information (if we need to customize related parts to the supplier, we will share the relevant information of the part with the supplier).

  4. Order information: We will keep your every purchase order.

Adoao share your information

We will share your information from the following points:

  1. Share with sales staff, your contact information and order information will be known.

  2. Share with the shipper, your receiving information will be known.

  3. Share with financial staff, your collection information will be known.

  4. Share with suppliers, some of your customized information will be known. We respect the principle of trade secrets and only share certain parts.

Your privacy exercise rights

We respect your private information.

You can contact us to exercise your privacy rights, and you can exercise: sharing, correction, modify, deletion and other rights.

Click the E-mail link below to tell us, please replace 😂 with @

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