Custom Made

Customize products to make your ideas come true and make the world more personalized.

Innovation Can Sustain Development

We always believe that immutability will eventually be replaced by new ones.

Only innovation can sustain development.

To this end, we attach great importance to: “customized service”.

Customized Product

  1. Good idea to protect

Adhering to the principle of commercial confidentiality, your good ideas will not be disclosed (if some parts need to be produced by other suppliers, we will share the relevant information of this part with the supplier).

However, as long as new products appear in the market, others will imitate the effect.

Therefore, you should first design a design drawing for your good idea and protect it by registering a patent.

  1. Tell us your idea
  1. Discuss customization

To realize a good idea, a feasible customized solution is needed.

In this step, we mainly discuss how to realize this good idea, laying the foundation for making a brand new customized product.

  1. Production samples

After determining the customized plan, we will try to produce samples.

This step can be modified repeatedly to make the sample meet our expectations.

  1. Mass production

Everything is confirmed, let’s mass produce!

If your ideas are important and require more comprehensive confidentiality measures, we will choose to sign a confidentiality contract.

If possible, please provide us with contract documents.

After all, we are just getting started. I think you should have a complete contract document.

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